About Us

Q Financial Services was developed and launched with one motivation in mind to help guide people through the sometimes complicated world of financial services. Born with over 25 years of financial experience and knowledge, Q Financial Services have all the tools to make life a little easier with those big financial decisions.

Our skills and knowledge come from different backgrounds including blue chip corporate companies to the fast paced world of football. These talents were drawn together with the ambition of being a stand out company in its field but to also have the satisfaction of knowing we’ve made a difference to our clients lives.

Our company motto is ‘Securing Your Future’ whether that is securing a mortgage, life insurance, or something as basic as building and contents insurance.

We are here to give you the advice and not what is best for everybody else. The guarantee to you is that we hold your hand through every bit of the process and keep you informed on the progress where many companies don’t. We pride ourselves on giving you a brilliant service from the start to the finish.

So no matter how small the request the team are here to help out and take away the hassle of life’s critical decisions.