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The team at Q is dedicated to taking the hassle out of those difficult financial decisions that life brings – guiding you through the process with a simple, honest approach and a smile. Whether you’re seeking corporate protection for your business, need advice on life insurance or want help securing a great deal on your mortgage, our experienced and friendly team are ready to provide you with a dedicated service – fully tailored to you and your needs!

“The initial consultation we conduct with all potential clients is at our expense”

Q can provide advice and arrangement for an accident protection policy. This plan pays out a cash lump sum if you suffer a specified accidental injury.

At Q we ensure that your home and personal possessions can be covered if any of the following events occur: Fire Damage, Theft Damage.

Wealth management services are designed to help nurture and develop your investments whilst providing advice on how to get the best out of what you’ve got.

Outlining and following a structured retirement plan is becoming an ever increasingly pertinent issue. The main goal is to grow funds that will provide a comfortable retirement, providing the standard of living you desire.

We pride ourselves in providing your organisation with a dedicated service that is fully diversified to you and your venture’s needs! We effectively eliminate all the complex procedures of the financial service world.

The Q Group

We are an ever-growing organisation with the formation of the Q group. Our sister companies, Q Commercial Finance & Q Wealth Management, launched in the Summer of 2018; two years after Q Financial Services in 2016.

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Our Values

At Q we believe in doing things a little differently. We’re breaking the mould of the financial services world by offering a professional yet personable service, simplifying the sometimes complex and seemingly confusing world of financial planning for all our clients. We understand that seeking financial advice can be intimidating – our approachable and friendly team provide expert financial advice while also putting your mind at ease. As a company, we live and work by our core values of honesty, integrity and a dedication to achieve the best outcome possible for our clients. We aim to be the proof that you can be the exception to the rule!

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