Income Protection Telford

Accident & Income Protection

Q Financial Services can arrange and provide detailed advice on both accident protection policies and income protection plans. These plans are designed to either pay out a lump sum if you suffer a specified accidental injury or provide a set monthly income to help you meet your financial commitments if illness or incapacity prevents you from being able to work. 

Income Protection Telford

Accident Protection Plans can pay out for:

– Accidental broken bones
– Hospitalisation due to accident
– Permanent Accidental injuries
– Total permanent Accidental disablement
– Accidental death
– Funeral benefit

This plan requires no medical information although certain exclusions may apply. A friendly member of our Q Financial Services team can answer any questions you may have on this policy.

Income Protection

At Q Financial Services, we can provide advice on Income Protection plans for you and your family.

We feel this is a type of cover that is often overlooked but is crucially important – ensuring that you can maintain stability and security when you need it most. This type of policy pays out a monthly tax-free sum, replacing part of your income (usually 50 -70%) if you are unable to work due to illness or incapacity. This policy will start to pay-out after an initial waiting-period of your choice (between 1 & 12 months) and will continue until retirement or your return to work. Shorter-term plans are also available.

At Q Financial Services, we take the time to understand your requirements; arranging an appropriate plan that works alongside any current provisions, such as employee benefits.

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