Lasting Power of Attorney

Sometimes people get advance notice, but for most people we don’t know when in the future we will get ill, or how quickly. Because you don’t know when you will need it, the best time to get your Lasting Powers in place means is while you are still healthy! Once in place, if/when you get ill, your chosen attorney(s) can ensure that the nuts and bolts of your life (finances and health) are taken care of the way you would want. They are designed to keep you in control of your life, in the event that you become unable to manage it yourself.

An LPA is a legal document that gives a trusted friend or relative the legal authority to make decisions about your finances and healthcare, if you are not capable of doing so for yourself. In short, they keep the nuts and bolts of your life functioning, meaning you won’t lose control to Local Authority or Health Professionals.

There are 2 types of LPA:

    • Health & Welfare. Allows your attorney(s) to make decisions including where you should live, your medical care, what you should eat, who you should have contact with, what kind of social activities you should take part in.
    • Property & Financial. This can cover things such as; buying and selling property, paying the mortgage, investing money, paying bills, arranging repairs to property.

We provide:

  • As Certificate Provider, we attest to the mental capacity of the donor
  • Advice about LPA to manage business interests
  • Certified copy of Property & financial LPA
  • Registration with the Office of the Public Guardian

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