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We provide personal and corporate financial planning advice, recommendations and mentoring for clients seeking pension and investment guidance. After an in-depth consultation, clients will have a clear view of where they are currently, where they want to be and how this can be achieved in terms of their personal financial circumstances. Our focus is ‘securing the futures’ of clients, ensuring their funds are invested according to strict standards and principles that aim to achieve the best possible outcome based on attitude to risk and goal setting.

Either for retirement purposes, inheritance tax considerations, general investing/saving or a host of other reasons. The value of funds invested can go up as well as down (to zero) in line with market conditions and the relative risk of where your funds are invested. Your capital may be at risk of being depleted and you should consider how this would impact you as the investor.


The range of products and services offered include:

ISA’s & Children’s ISA’s.
Managed Open Ended Investment Company (OEIC) portfolio funds.
Model OEIC portfolio funds
Onshore & Offshore Investment Bonds.
Structured Deposits / Fixed Rate Income Bonds.
Specialist Investments (Venture Capital Trusts & Enterprise Investment Schemes).
Cash Management Service.

Whilst we certainly don’t want to deter our clients from investing, we have an obligation and duty to make all our clients aware of the below points when investing

Past performance is not a guide to future performance, nor a reliable indicator of future results or performance.

Investments in shares of smaller companies are generally considered to carry a higher level of risk.

shares are often less liquid than that of larger companies – shares of smaller companies therefore can be more difficult to buy and sell.

Shares of smaller companies may fluctuate in by greater amounts than shares of larger companies over short time periods.

Therefore, investors should regard such investments as long term, to allow for shorter term variability.

The real value of investments and the income generated from them, may go down as well as up and is not guaranteed. Investors may get less back than their original investment.

If the performance of an investment does not meet or exceed the rate of inflation, the real value of that investment will be eroded.

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