Trust Planning & Asset Protection

So, you have your Will in place, which is the cornerstone of any legacy plan. However, life can get complicated – divorce, second marriage, blended families, holiday home, Buy To Lets, vulnerable beneficiaries, etc, etc. Trust planning is the next level of planning and offers protection and control of your assets during your lifetime, and beyond.

Trusts are an effective way to protect your assets, reduce probate costs, mitigate tax and simplify the distribution of your assets after you have passed away. Lifetime Trusts are designed to protect your assets during your lifetime. And when you die, they ensure that your estate will pass securely to your spouse, children or named beneficiaries.

Why might you consider setting up a Trust?
1) To protect a beneficiary from inheriting at a potentially inconvenient time, such as during a divorce or bankruptcy or whilst a beneficiary is living abroad.

2) To remove the need for probate: assets held within a trust are not normally subject to the time-consuming probate process and, as a result, there could be significant savings to be made against the new probate fees that are coming into force.

3) To avoid creating an inheritance tax burden for children or other chosen beneficiaries; the beneficiary can draw down from the trust fund as and when monies are required rather than just transferring the entire inheritance in one go.

4) To help to guard against a child or other relative making a claim under the Inheritance Act 1975.

5) To ensure family members are not disinherited against their wishes (for example if your spouse or partner remarries after you have passed away)


We advise on:

  • Protecting your assets in your lifetime
  • Mitigate Inheritance Tax liability
  • Lifetime gift allowances
  • Protecting assets from divorce or bankrupcy
  • Protecting vulnerable beneficiaries

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